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6 Reasons You Need Emergency Tooth Extraction (Even If You Don?t Want It)

Tooth extraction concept with an array of stainless steel dental tools and a mask with the extracted tooth clasped in the pincers and reflected in the mirror

Saving your teeth isn?t always possible. If it?s just a lost filling or a chipped tooth, your dentist could treat it easily without having to resort to tooth removal. Sometimes though, the damage is irreparable and tooth extraction is your best resort.?

Here are six strong reasons why you need an emergency tooth extraction from a dentist near you:


Severe Tooth Decay

Over time, your tooth builds up plaque and tartar without proper dental care. Dentists can treat it by replacing the fillings or crowns, but when it reaches a certain point, tooth removal becomes inevitable.?

Sure dentists can still try and save your decayed tooth, but there?s already the risk of infecting the adjacent ones. Thus, the best route for severely decayed or traumatized teeth is extraction.




Gingivitis or gum inflammation is a common dental condition that is easily reversible with proper dental hygiene and regular cleaning. But if proper care isn?t done, the condition could progress into periodontitis which weakens the gums and other structures supporting your teeth.


Receding gums leave your roots exposed, thus your tooth is more likely to fall off. In this situation, your emergency dentist will advise a tooth extraction. If you suspect having gum disease, contact your emergency dental care provider right away to avoid tooth extraction.



Dental Abscess

A dental abscess can form in the gums, bones holding your teeth, or inside the teeth. Sometimes, this puss-fill infection may be forming for a long time but you don?t realize it. As it grows, your tooth can become more infected thereby requiring tooth extraction.



Wisdom Tooth

As your third molar or wisdom tooth comes out, it can get stuck in your gums or push away other adjacent teeth if there?s not enough room in the jaws. If you?re experiencing extreme pain with your wisdom tooth, your dentist may recommend wisdom tooth extraction or there can be other complications.?

However, this isn?t always the case as other people can keep their wisdom teeth. Reach out to your emergency dental care provider for an assessment.


Crowded Teeth

Some people grow more teeth than the space in their jaws allows. The result is the crowding of teeth and misalignment. Emergency dentists can recommend tooth extraction if there?s pain and swelling in the gums.?


Other than discomfort, some people opt for extraction for orthodontic reasons – the case for public figures. Nonetheless, tooth extraction is still necessary for orthodontic treatment and putting on braces.



Tooth Fractures Under Gums

The simple chewing of food can cause under-gum fractures to your teeth. This is often the case when you have a root canal or filling treatment. If your teeth are not aligned perfectly, the tooth that receives the most impact can also have cracks inside the molars.


Your emergency dental care provider will want to extract a tooth that is fractured below the gum line to lessen the pain and severe consequences.

Request An Appointment With Our Emergency Dental Care Partner

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