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Why Save Your Natural Teeth (5 Reasons)

Smiling woman with perfect white teeth and a small dentists mirror reflecting her teeth being held alongside

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of saving their natural teeth. A 2019 survey conducted by the American Association of Endodontists revealed that 95% of Americans think natural teeth are worth saving, among many other things in life.?

Let?s take a look at 5 reasons why you need to save your natural teeth!


1. Saving Your Natural Teeth Makes You Look Good

Your teeth keep the natural structure of your jaw and mouth. When you lose a tooth, the remaining ones move to fill in the gaps. This causes misalignment, but also other serious problems such as the inability to chew your food fully and to speak properly.?



2. Saving Your Natural Teeth Gives You The Perfect Oral Function

Chewing your food is much more difficult after losing one or more teeth. Sure, you can replace them with dental implants or dentures, but this won?t remove the chewing difficulties. Your teeth are connected to your brain through the nerves and this connection allows you to tell whether to bite hard or chew lightly. Implants and dentures have no sensory connection to the brain, thus, it will always feel like oral functioning is impaired.


3. Saving Your Natural Teeth Prevents Further Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can also lead to more tooth loss because there?s now lesser bone density that keeps them in place. This condition is non-reversible and if left untreated, your teeth will continue to regress.


4. Saving Your Natural Teeth Saves You Money

Tooth extraction is much cheaper than a root canal procedure – but not when you think long term. As you lose more teeth, you?ll begin to think of resorting to restorative procedures such as a dental implant or bridge. All these can cost you more at the expense of losing your natural smile.


5. Saving Your Natural Teeth Is Safer And Less Painful

Tooth extraction is a risky and painful business. Large molars, for example, are very hard to pull out and can even crack – causing pain and increasing the chance of infection. Getting root canal therapy is a safer and less painful procedure. Plus, you get to save your tooth!



6. Reach Out To An Emergency Dentist Near You

Want to save your natural teeth? Our emergency dental partners can help. Browse through our listings or contact us to know your options.