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Do you have a toothache that won?t go away or a severely painful dental abscess that radiates to your ear?

Whatever type of dental emergency it may be, we got you covered! 247dental.org?s 24/7 local emergency dental partners are here to help you out.

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We understand the pain and the importance of addressing the problem right off the bat. This is why we?ve created a service that?s available to you day and night with the same and next-day appointments available. All our partners are trained and certified emergency dental doctors who are ready to give you relief.

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There are dental conditions that grow worse when left untreated or ignored. Broken or chipped teeth, dental abscesses, toothache, broken braces, and mouth and gum problems are some examples. Even when you?re just experiencing minor pain, it?s crucial to address it right away or you risk aggravating the problem.

Types of dental emergencies you should be looking out for

Dental Abscess

A dental abscess is a bacterial infection that can form inside your teeth, gums, or bones. It can cause a lot of pain and can have serious or life-threatening repercussions. An emergency dental doctor can determine what causes the problem and treat the infection.

Wisdom Tooth

A growing wisdom tooth can cause severe pain, thus people often want to have it removed. Wisdom tooth extraction is another procedure your emergency dental care provider can help you with.


The most common dental emergency is a toothache. While there are in-home remedies, such as flossing and rinsing your mouth with warm water, an emergency dental doctor can help give more relief, recommend medications, and offer dental care tips.

Broken or Cracked Tooth

When pressure is applied, a broken or cracked tooth can cause pain and swelling. A cold compress can help alleviate the pain, but if you?re looking to have it fixed quickly, an emergency dental doctor is your best option.

Lost Tooth, Fillings and Crown

Lost tooth can be caused by an accident or an illness. Either way, it?s a serious matter as it affects your gum and overall dental health. Lost fillings and crowns are other common problems since dental work can only last a couple of years. Your emergency dental care provider can both help relieve the pain and fix the problem.

Mouth and Teeth Injuries

Your teeth and mouth can be injured for various reasons. The first thing to do is to slow the bleeding and numb the pain with an ice pack. To make sure that they are cared for properly, seeing an emergency dental doctor is crucial.

These are some of the situations in which you should seek emergency dental care. Call the nearest office immediately to be treated promptly and properly.

Tips In Choosing A Local Emergency Dentist

Before getting your most-deserved emergency dental care, you need to first find the right local dentist.

Here are some tips to remember:

Find a Local Emergency Dental Doctor Nearest You

Before committing to getting your first and regular check-ups, it?s important to choose a dentistry office that is conveniently located to your home or office. Our directory at 247dental.org will help you find those closest to you.

Factor in Professionalism

You?ll likely be seeing your emergency dentist regularly and even recommend your family and friends to the same place. This is why it?s necessary to find the most professional and friendliest team you can trust. 247dental.org?s partners are proven and tested professionals in terms of both conduct and credentials.


If you?re always ready to pay out-of-pocket for every visit, this won?t matter as much. But if you?re looking into using your insurance, this is a question you should definitely ask your emergency dental care provider. 247dental.org?s dental care partners accept a wide variety of insurances to cater to as many patients as possible.

Holistic Practice

Not all dentistry practices holistic dentistry. Those that can take your whole body health into account will most likely benefit you more. Make sure that your emergency dental doctor does both conventional and alternative approaches to dental care. Luckily for you, all our partners do.

Modern Technology and Materials

Needless to say, your dentist should be utilizing state-of-the-art technology and the best quality materials. Check for the availability of digital X-rays, T-scan, lasers for gum therapy, biocompatible materials, and first-rate labs. Again, you get all of that with 247dental.org?s partners.v